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About START Passive Income

I created START Passive Income with the sole purpose of offering my first hand experience to others who are on a similar path searching for the holy grail that is financial freedom. It was not long ago that I was living paycheck to paycheck working a "9 to 5" job that forced me to put in 60 hours a week (yes, I had to go in on the weekends too). I was over stressed, underpaid, and barely had enough time to spend with my son. I searched far and wide for a way to escape the endless cycle I was in where I worked a job to pay for a house that I barely spent time in. I thought to myself, "There has to be some other way to obtain financial freedom."

The good news is there are other ways of creating wealth aside from having to work a job for the rest of your life. The bad news is the path is not clear and false information could cost you valuable time, money, or worse - discouragement. There is a lot of information around the web making big claims but purposely hiding the truth. There are people out there who say you can make $[insert absurd amount] every month starting tomorrow, but force you to hire them as your mentor or buy one of their guides.

I wanted to make this website a beacon of hope for everyone seeking to earn passive income. I empathize with your struggles at work, your desire to spend more time with your family, your yearning to become financially independent, so I genuinely want to help you. Using the guides you find on START, you can start your own passive income business and learn from my first hand experience and avoid common mistakes that would cost you time and money. If I can teach my readers just one thing that they didn't already know or thought about, then I would consider START a success. Sorry to break it to ya, but I don't think I will be making any fancy videos or expensive guides containing secrets anytime soon...

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