Having a blog is a great source of passive income and completely simple an easy to setup. There’s a variety of ways you can make money from blogging and I’ll go through them later. I’d really suggest picking a hobby or topic that you’re passionate, knowledgeable and will keep up for a long time!

How To Start a Blog

There are three things you need to start a blog

  • A Niche or idea to blog about
  • A domain
  • Hosting

In terms of the idea well you may be seeing a theme here but the more niche it is the better! It’s hard to break into an established niche that is oversaturated and get your site seen. Therefore I recommend you either combine two niches or pick something already niche for example

  • The Knitting Financier
  • The Chocolate Loving Youtube Expert
  • The Gaming Archaeologist

Maybe not exactly these combinations but you get the idea. Ok so next you need to get your domain name – I’d recommend Namecheap that’s where I registered this blog and it costs a measly $10 per year which is next to nothing!

For hosting head over to siteground – the documentation of the domain and hosting sites should help you get all set up

As for the site itself, I’d recommend WordPress as it gives you powerful fast loading and clean themes that translate across all devices!

How To Make Money Blogging

Affiliation – a link on your blog that goes to a product or service where you receive a % of the sale. The best way to approach this is to organically and write whatever blog you feel like and then only add affiliate links if they’re natural and fit your article.

Sell something – Sell a service, digital product or a physical one. This is pretty simple, make a product and advertise it on your blog!

Ads – I personally don’t like to use ads as I believe it cheapens your site and increases bounce rates. But if your site is niche and works well with ads this definitely could be an option.

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