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Before we begin...

I know you are anxious to begin but I implore you to first visit the guide on getting the right mindset - "Guide to the Entrepreneurial Mindset". Having the right mindset is essential to your long term success. Most people go into pursuing passive income thinking it will be easy to "quit your job and start making thousands" right away, but they can't be further from the truth. Get a leg up on the competition by getting yourself into the entrepreneurial zone.

I offer my guides to you absolutely free because I want to help you along your journey. I was in your position not long ago wading through the swamp of information trying to sort out what passive income stream was best for me, who I could trust, what were the facts. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way losing time and money. I hope I can offer you some knowledge and guidance through my various passive income guides. These step by step guides take time to write so they may not be fully complete, but please check back often as I add content almost daily. Please visit our sponsors to help support START Passive Income and keep our content FREE!

  • Guide to the Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Passive income is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. Know what kind of investments are required of you before starting. Prepare youself for the mental, physical, and emotional toll that running a passive income business will take on you.

  • Guide to Amazon Retail E-commerce

    Make passive income by selling your products on the largest online retail platform in the world. This guide will cover everything from sourcing a viable product to making your first sale and more.

  • Guide to CPA Affiliate Programs

    CPA and affiliate programs utilize your skills as an online salesman to sell other people's products. You will receive compensation for every action, lead, or sale you generate for said product.

  • Guide to Real Property Rentals

    Making passive income through real estate by means of long term rentals or short term rentals. This passive income method has higher barriers to entry compared to others, but it is a strategy to consider if you have what it takes to run the business.